1Why is clean energy important to you?
Reduce air pollution and improve public healthCreates new jobs and economic opportunitiesRevitalized rural communities with new tax revenue and investmentHelps reduce our reliance on imported fuelsOther
2How close have you been following New York’s progress on renewable energy?
Very CloselySomewhat CloselyNot CloselyNot at all

3How do you want to help?
Contacting my legislator or local officialWriting a letter to the editor in my local newspaperSharing the benefits renewable energy investment provides my community on social mediaAttending a public hearing or community meetingHosting a meeting or recruiting supporters who believe in securing our own economic futureSharing more about how renewable energy investment has benefited my communityTour a renewable energy project

4Do you have a personal interest in renewable energy development? Yes – I work for a company that is involved in the clean energy sectorYes – I like on or near a wind farm and have seen how the project has benefited my communityYes – I have a relative or close friend that is involved in renewable energyNo – I don’t have any direct interest
5Do you believe renewable energy can be part of a solution to the following problems in our communities?
COVID-19 economic recoverySocial injusticesEnvironmental injusticesNone of the above
6Do you want to receive text alerts about critical clean energy efforts in your area?
YesNoIf yes, please enter phone number:

7What is your zip code?